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About Us


The best advice for parents doesn’t always come from pediatricians, educators, psychologists, retailers, the media or “experts.” The best advice often comes from the front lines, from people who have walked in your shoes: other parents. We have been asked – countless times – for insights about what we have done with our children and where we get the materials in our homes.


So here it is! Here is everything we have learned from our expanding circle of thoughtful, caring and well-informed parents.


If you are looking to help a child develop a love of learning, to discover through exploration or to find and pursue their passions, you have come to the right place. To help children grow beyond what formal schooling typically offers, we have searched the four corners of the earth and found hundreds of unique materials, many of them not available through more traditional toy & game retailers.


On our site you will find a variety of tools, frameworks and ideas to inspire and motivate the young people in your life. Our mission at Blooming Minds is to help parents create a content-rich home where children’s minds will flourish. In a way, we have created the online resource we wish we had when we first had kids…


Have fun exploring, discovering and growing with your children!